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An excellent opportunity to share interesting topics and services

Carter & Benson periodically shares events, information and cultural sneak peeks with all its network through its presence on social networks and the Press & News area of its corporate website.

We regularly reach a huge public composed by Managers, CEO, Presidents, HR Directors and Decision Makers thanks to the periodical sending of corporate newsletters focused on different issues:

  • Divulgation of the main market trends through the interventions our Partners and Consultants regularly make on specific topics.
  • Publication of specific sector interviews made to HR Director and CEO of market leading companies.
  • Interlocking of national and international business partnerships, sharing of success, creation and active participation to social, charity and no profit projects.
  • Participation to national and international sector events and manifestations.


Thanks to our presence on the main social networks we are able to share interesting topics and  opportunities regarding the working world, the educational and professional future of young people and social activities through an open and regular exchange of opinions and experiences aiming to give a “viral” example.

Carter & Benson is also very active in the CSR area supporting charity initiatives siding students organizations, ONLUS and schools, with projects dedicated to coaching and orientation to the business world.