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Your Partner in the search and selection of Middle Managers

C&B Middle Management, founded in 2007 from an initiative of William Griffini to guarantee more and more wide-ranging services, is the division of Carter & Benson specialized in the research and selection of mid-level positions.

As a result of Carter & Benson wide professional experience, C&B Middle Management focuses its activity on the search and selection of mid-level positions such as highest employment levels, Quadri and Neo-Dirigenti, already employed in the working world who are able to bring added value to the Client company.

Sales Marketing & Digital 40%
Operation 32%
Staff 28%

C&B Middle Management carries out direct search activity making use of a dedicated pool of Consultants that are animated by passion and expertise and that thanks to a perfect mastery of organization analysis and search and selection methodology, successfully identify professionals who are able to perfectly integrate in the Client company background.

C&B Middle Management plays a leading role in the Italian and international panorama operating with the same devotion, professionalism and engagement that, right from the outset, make Carter & Benson a successful partner in the Executive and Top Managers search as well.

Belonging to a widespread and flexible international network such as IMD International Search Group, allows us to guarantee a tailor-made management of the whole search process to our Clients on an international level too.

Our values

C&B Middle Management regularly bases its working activity on the respect of solid values such as confidentiality, integrity, equal opportunities and transparency, a part from exclusivity, high quality standards and strong focus on Clients.

Steady and direct interactions with the Client company and candidates for regular updates on the search progress together with rapid intervention times animate successfully the daily activity of C&B Middle Management team.


The intervention methodology of C&B Middle Management bases exclusively on direct search.

The search process starts with the identification and contact of resources who are already employed so that they can bring, right from the beginning, their contribution into the Client company organization and make use of the competences acquired during their professional path.

During the first phase of analysis and study activity, we deepen the cultural and organizational knowledge of the Client company, the role to be covered and qualifications of the potential candidate that must be relevant to the indications given by the Client Company.

In a second phase, we proceed with mapping the market and screening the target companies operating in the sector in order to identify the talented professionals whose skills are in line with the Client company requirements.

Afterwards, a direct approach with potential candidates through a series of deepen and detailed interviews allows us to verify the professional and personal matching of the manager with the role searched.

For each candidate presented, we prepare a confidential Personal Report that includes a detailed description of his/her working experiences and an evaluation from a personal and professional point of view.

During all the phases of the search, our primary interest is to maintain and encourage regular contacts with the Client company, both for giving real time updates on the search in progress and for satisfying any possible request of changing the distinguishing hallmarks of the candidate profile.

The process ends with the presentation of the final shortlist of candidates to the Client company generally in a 4 working weeks period.

C&B Middle Management is committed to supporting and assisting the Client company in the final and follow-up phase verifying that the hiring project is really successful, keeping the dialogue and confrontation with the Client company and the chosen candidate in the medium/long term as well.


C&B Middle Management consultants operate according to industry specialization in the following areas: Consumer & Retail, Education, Government, Not-For-Profit, Financial Services, Industrial, Life Sciences, Technology.

C&B Middle Management can count on the highest expertise of the 5 Partners of Carter & Benson and on a skilled and expert team of consultants to conclude successfully Mid-level positions searches in short times.