Since 2003, throughout strategic consulting activities, we have been promoting innovation in the business culture, enhancing human resources and identifying Managers of potential.

We operate at the side of Italian and International leading companies through three divisions: Executive Search, Middle Management and Strategy. This allowed us to conclude successfully more than 6.395 projects with more than 770 Client Companies developing specific competences in many sectors.

We are members of IMD, a leading International Search Group and this enables us to duly satisfy each request made by foreign Clients, having an immediate access to the best talents that operate in the global economy.

In order to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, in 2021 we became a Benefit Company and since June 2023 we are BCorp Certfied.


“The inclusive workplace means harmony: a place of aggregation that belongs to everybody” William Griffini, CEO Carter & Benson

We have been started exactly from this way of thinking when we chose our new main office. A bigger place where spaces have been reconsidered focusing on inclusion and 4.0 innovation, perfectly in line with our business vision. An alternance of working and convivial areas which promote relations, collaboration and flexibility.
A place, in the heart of Milan, that merges architectonic features and typical elements of old period houses with modern solutions in the management of rooms and choice of furnishings, materials and lighting systems: everything has been designed in the respect of sustainability.
Interior spaces are perfectly integrated with the external environment: during the restructuring phases the old staircase of the Teatro delle Erbe were brought to life. An exclusive winter garden is surrounded by big windows that in the top looks out on the town roofs.
Modern and comfortable, equipped with advanced technology, our office is open to Clients, Partners and Friends.

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Carter & Benson
Global network

Our membership with IMD, leading international search organization worldwide, enables us to respond with global consulting solutions, offering the utmost efficiency and reliability according to the very high ethical and qualitative standards peculiar to IMD.

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Here’s what they say about us

Ernesto Moraggi HR Executive Director TeamSystem

We have collaborated with William and his team for several years: they are our key Partners in the Management and Executive Search.They have been able to understand our peculiarities and uniqueness supporting us in some very specific search projects in the digital scenario. They regularly guarantee us high expertise and reliability, succeeding in assisting us in the growth path with the rapidity and quality needed for our development”.

Paolo Inga Global HR Director Yoox Net-A-Porter Group

“Collaborating with Carter & Benson has been definitely a positive experience. They proved to be a leading company in their sector, above all thanks to their rapidity and their ability to understand, since the very beginning, what we were looking for, beyond the pure technical profile. The attention they have given to the personal traits and the potential of candidates has been a winning card”.

Gian Paolo NaefChief Human Resources Officer Kedrion S.p.A.

“Since the beginning, William and Chiara have understood the need not only “to fill in the box” but also to read between the lines of adaption and integration complexities in an evolving context characterized by a strong original culture. Then, they work through the good cop and bad cop approach: she follows the client and encourages him to off course options as well, while he pragmatically brings everyone down to earth. The most important thing is that we had fun. It’s work, but it matters”.

Alessandra Rizzi Group Human Resources & Organizational Development Director BFF Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A.

“I met William Griffini and his team long time ago and from the beginning, I have appreciated the ability to quickly understand client needs answering with flexibility and proactivity. High knowledge of the market and ability to pay attention to the real cultural fit candidate-company makes Carter & Benson a valuable sparring partner in difficult searches. I had the opportunity to work with them not only in Italy but also abroad in Europe and I can confirm the network they joined delivered good results as well, also thanks to a deep supervision from Italian group of consultants and partners”.

Francesco Durante Chief Executive Officer Sisal

“Carter & Benson has been a strategic partner for Sisal development for more than 10 Years and over this time has played a key role in the acquisition of those talents needed to face the new challenges in Italy and abroad. A part from their expertise and competences, which represent fundamental requirements to carry out this activity, what really makes difference is the passion that William Griffini and his team show every day and that encourages them to make more efforts in order to contribute to the success of Sisal”.

Donatella Bianchi Human Resources Manager Schindler S.p.A.

“When I assign an HR research to an Head Hunter, I know that I entrust a third part to deal with what we consider one of the most important mission within our company: to find and choose the best solution for us. A decision that entails opening our doors to the HR partner conveying our values, our internal rules, also those unwritten, our beliefs and show ourselves exactly as we are, because only in this way, our partner will be able to find the resource we lack in that moment and we need to improve ourselves. We need to feel reliability and a sense of particular attention; we have to say, “Yes, they are really working for us”. I could think this for William Griffini and his team in the right moment we decided to let them enter Schindler”.

Silvia Beraldo Chief Administrative Officer Nexi Group

“I have known and collaborated with Carter & Benson in different sectors for many years. It is a partner that distinguishes for its expertise and promptness in the execution of the assignments as well as for the willingness to understand and interpret each client’s need, also the ones not clearly expressed, providing solutions able to satisfy the expectations”.

Valerio Fonseca CEO DoveVivo S.p.A.

“I have collaborated with William Griffini and his team for Top and Middle Management researches – on my opinion these are the profiles on which Carter & Benson is able to perform at its best – with him I built the most important part of the managerial team of DoveVivo. I found in William a smart, clever and loyal interlocutor, with whom I could confront deeply on business, targets, soft aspects and values before approaching the contents of each research. This allowed us to be more effective in processes and to identify persons of value to bring on board in the project”.

Stefania Monini Human Resources & Organization Executive Director Cirfood

“Over the years, we have chosen to work with Carter & Benson appreciating the sense of partnership with which we were supported in the managerial (and not only) search and selection projects. For us, being partner means share the same objectives identifying with the client, and that’s what we felt collaborating with Carter & Benson.
Moreover, their deep knowledge of the market is definitely a strategic advantage that allowed us to close the researches successfully in the scheduled time”.

Stefania Vecchio Talent Acquisition Manager Boehringer-Ingelheim

“We have assigned our executive and senior manager researches to Carter & Benson for many years always achieving successful results. We appreciate the relation with all their referents based on willingness, collaboration and above all high expertise. The style of our company and the requests in the selection process management have changed over the years depending on internal variations and market needs, and Carter & Benson, while maintaining its approach, has proved every time to have a great flexibility and ability to satisfy our requirements. During the years, our relation with them has consolidated and the frequency of our collaborations has intensified. We carried out researches with them that went from Human Pharma, Animal Health and Consumer Health care business to Enabling Functions (HR and Administration & Finance)”.

Tiziano Suprani Corporate Human Resources Director Ferroli S.p.A.

“I have been working with Carter & Benson in the last 10 years of my professional career, sharing often complex and sometimes unlikely projects, but always finding high quality and firmness in their professionals. In particular, Giovanni Carbone had been and is still now a skilled partner, always prepared to accept the challenges and take care of the needs of the companies where I have been working, with reliability and commitment. I consider Carter & Benson a point of reference in the recruiting field, endowed with the flexibility necessary to shape resources and approaches to the different assignments, allowing the partner to confront at best with the evolving and changing employment market”.

Gianluca Tordi Senior HR Director Coty Italia

“I had the opportunity to collaborate several times with Carter & Benson during my career and today in Coty as well. Personally, I think that the ability to develop an effective partnership is one of the key elements in the choice of a collaborator. The partners of Carter & Benson have always showed attention to understand our needs and flexibility to identify tailor-made solutions. Over time, they have been able to know our context and our dynamics and our relation has undoubtedly benefited.Recently, we have developed a project on coaching to support one of the leaders of our organization. In this regard, Carter & Benson have proved once again to be prepared, professional and careful to the needs of the company”.

Angelo Prete Group COO WElink Italy S.r.l.

“I found in Carter Benson a reliable, professional and above all attentive partner to our exigencies. The listening and embracing client’s needs approach of the Carter Benson team, seemed to me a key point in the success of the selection process that has always been carried out in a coordinated and effective manner”.

Raffaella Maderna HR Director Lundbeck Italia S.p.A.

“Our collaboration with Carter & Benson started several years ago. We have been working in partnership on various selection projects. A part from partners’ professionalism, we have always experienced a lot of helpfulness and specific focus. During the last selection in the digital field, thanks to the specific skills of Carter & Benson in this area, we also succeeded in having a benchmark on digital transformation that provided us a more exhaustive overall picture”.

Riccardo Zagaria CEO DOC Generici S.r.l.

“The most precious value for DOC Generici is represented by the collaborators that are part of it. The main challenges, the best goals can be only achieved together. For us, “together” means a team composed by multidisciplinary professionals with a wide expertise and specialization. This value/feeling has been caught and understood by Carter & Benson, our partner in two important selection processes.
Being supported by a headhunter is not only aimed at finding highly skilled resources, but at detecting those resources that are able to understand and integrate themselves in the context and values that are daily breathed within the company.
One of the assets of DOC is exactly the human capital and the qualified team of Carter & Benson has worked in synergy with DOC in identifying candidates in line with the DNA of the company”.

Monica Rancati Sr. Human Resources Director Western Europe di Microsoft

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Carter & Benson for many top and middle management projects. On every occasion, I appreciated the ability to match the typical approach of the executive search with the agility and flexibility that make the difference in highly dynamic and competitive markets. The senior partners have a deep knowledge of market dynamics. They add value through the experience developed in different sectors and through conveying outlooks that helped us in many situations to assess out-of-the-box candidatures that proved to be winning in the long-term”.

Gianluca Rossi Vice President Human Resources and Organization Italy DHL Supply Chain

“Comprehension of the business culture and consequent proper contextualization (how, when, why, towards whom) of the “expectations” given to the resource object of the search. Hence, a short-list, effective immediately, perhaps with a few profiles to consider but all of them appropriate. These are the hallmarks I have experienced with Carter & Benson recruiting. Outstanding”.

Alessandra Maria Sama HR Director Medtronic Italia S.p.A.

“Carter & Benson is a head hunting company that ensures quality and expertise in all the researches assigned. The team of professionals is very qualified, knows the market very well and has a wide-ranging and extensive networking. They take care of each aspect in detail; they keep the relation alive on a regular basis with both the company and candidates and are able to manage international researches very well too. They are reliable and serious. In short…a true partner in the talent acquisition!”

Cristina Gobbato HR Director – Human Relations Continental Italia S.p.A.

“I have been working in the HR field for many years and during my long experience, I have collaborated with many specialized research and selection companies. The collaboration with Carter & Benson has lasted a long time and our relation is based on a mutual esteem and empathy, on sharing of values and professional ethics. What I appreciate most is their deep knowledge of the company both as a business both of persons: not only about HR but business management as well. The assignments we give them include a careful analysis of all the aspects, with a tailor-made approach, that is followed step by step by Carter & Benson consultants/partners until the inclusion of the candidate in his/her position”.

Sonia Malaspina HR Director South Europe di Danone Specialized Nutrition

“In the present social and economic fast-moving context, it is important to count on partnerships that share the vision and values of the company in terms of sustainability, merit, expertise and diversity & inclusion. For this reason, the Italian companies of Danone (Danone, Mellin and Nutricia) had collaborated for years with the Carter & Benson team putting at the heart of business strategies women and men of value”.

Gabriele Belsito HR Director Autogrill S.p.A.

“I have known Carter & Benson for many years, we have managed many projects together regarding different professional figures. I believe a lot in the cultural fit between the candidate and his/her future working environment and I really appreciated this aspect of the working approach of my Carter & Benson’s friends; not only an analysis of the competences that is already a sort of pre-requisite mainly on some figures, but also the ability to interpret the cultural humus of the company in order to understand if the new resource had the opportunity to integrate, take root, develop and produce value for himself/herself and for the organization as well”.

Roberto Zecchino Vice President HR South Europe di Robert Bosch S.p.A.

“Carter & Benson provides the best head hunters fully equipped with the skills necessary in the executive search. During the years, we made use of their expertise and we have been supported carefully all along the search and selection path: from the analysis of needs and competences to the identification of the most appropriate talent. The winning card of Carter & Benson? The attention given to the relation with the Client: listening approach, empathy and openness are the key words”.

Pasquale Frega Country President & CPO Head di Novartis Farma S.p.A.

“Carter & Benson applies an entrepreneurial mindset to all the researches managed. It goes into the details of the business and it is able to propose those profiles that match the corporate culture very well. This aspect has been significant in all the researches that I carried out with Carter & Benson”.

Marco Scippa
Group Human Resources Director di Gruppo Angel (Mermec Spa, Sitael Spa, Blackshape Spa, Matipay Spa, Eikontech, Sit Spa)

“Are there good or bad companies? I don’t believe it, if we exclude the third sector, companies only pursue profits. Likewise, I am convinced that we could combine profits and ethics, satisfying from one side the stakeholders and from the other one creating the basis for a better and sustainable future, where we can start hoping again. Well, Carter & Benson represents the right combination between profits and ethics: professional services tailor-made for your company but with a particular attention on all the stakeholders, thus giving a human face to work. For me it was an honor and a pleasure to collaborate with such a company: they helped me to feel better inspiring me in motivating my resources”.

Andrea Arrighi
Vice President Human Resources & Organization Italy di Lagardère Travel Retail

“We have used the Head Hunting services of Carter & Benson on several occasions and I must say that I have always experienced a proactive and professional approach by their consultants, together with a great time availability to share processes. I particularly appreciated their ability to deeply understand the corporate culture in order to find candidatures that had appropriate skills. Not least, a kind and helpful approach by the back office structures”..

Luca Resnati HR Vice President – South Europe Sub-Region and Country HR Director Italy at Schaeffler Group

“Personally I have known Carter & Benson for a long time and, during the years, thanks to their advice, I’ve started different researches for Middle Management, Commercial and Top Management profiles. I could experience that their commitment, their effort to “put themselves at the service” of Clients and to understand the peculiarities and needs, have been constant regardless of the search or the partner who managed it. All this ensures reliability and sustainability of the performance over time, key elements and, now more than ever, rare to find”.

Giorgio Tacchia Founder & Ceo Chili S.P.A.

“For Chili it is vital to select talents in line with its philosophy and organization: a mixture where professionalism, mindset and culture must match perfectly. It was important for us that a partner with the same approach evaluated the candidatures and Carter & Benson team was perfect for this difficult challenge”.

Giuseppe Galimberti Chief Executive Officer of Nano-Tech S.p.A.

“Our company is young and growing strongly and we found in Carter & Benson our ideal partner. Dynamic and professional with recognized competences in the industrial and technological field, they supported us in deeply evaluating the labor market, identifying the best resources. Very efficient, they have often helped us to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable. They represent for us a valid consulting support able to orient our strategic choices. The friendly atmosphere that they succeed in establishing is an extra added value that has consolidated our relationship”.

Paola Boromei Executive Vice President HRO di Snam S.p.A.

“The collaboration with Carter & Benson has always been very profitable thanks to the ability of its team to understand the business peculiarities and the business environment hallmarks as well -intended as its culture and values – through a mix of technical skills and strong empathy. We have been working also on an executive level in HRO researches, which are often the ones that deeply touch us (as professionals and experts) and the output has always been very positive, thanks to the wide-ranging network available. I have known William Griffini for about twenty years and I have always appreciated his focus on Client, his sense of business and a certain intuition too as a result of a wide experience developed in very different sectors.”

Marco Russomando

Marco Russomando HR Director – Illimity

“Competence, commitment and meticulous attention to quality make of Carter & Benson a reliable partner.”