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Counseling and Organizational Consulting

An advising and confrontation path for making aware managerial choices.

As a sparring partner, Carter & Benson will assist your Managers and Middle Managers every time an advising and confrontation moment is needed to measure with changes or re-organizations and difficulties in the management of working, communication or relational processes in order to:

  • Orient, sustain, develop Managers’ talents in their managerial decisions
  • Face organizational changes with a proactive and energetic approach
  • Ease their relational and collaboration aspects within the team
  • Simplify the adoption of qualitative and innovative solutions and proposals
  • Promote flexible behaviors which are open to diversity

The business counseling promotes the individual skills and channels the energies and motivations of individuals in the collective effort to reach the objectives set by the company and the market. Throughout the business counseling path, we will face important issues such as motivation, sharing of projects, organizational cohesion and changing situations.

You can trust our expertise in different contexts in the case your Manager:

  • Has been given a different function or a new assignment
  • Has been promoted to a senior role
  • Has been called to revisit his/her organizational structure
  • Needs to manage a difficult situation with his collaborators
  • Needs to improve his/her feeling with colleagues or chiefs
  • Is evaluating how to propose an initiative or an organization/re-organization project

We will be able to support you also in all the other situations where you think that an Advising and Confrontation Moment with a professional sparring partner can bring added value to your Manager and help him/her to make aware managerial choices.

Moreover, we assist your Managers in the design and management of business organizational development interventions through the following services:

  • Support in verifying coherence between strategy and organization structure
  • Analysis of the organizational asset and improvement plans
  • Support in the verification of business units/functions/departments, organizational units efficiency
  • design/repositioning of business units/functions/departments, organizational units
  • Analysis of organizational processes and BPR plans (business process re-engineering).