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Head Hunting / Executive Search

Our method, focus on candidates and results.

The intervention methodology of Carter & Benson bases exclusively on direct research.

In order to outline the personal and professional profile of the potential candidate, we start studying carefully the climate and needs of the Client company and the reference market, then we proceed analyzing the target companies where we can find the strategic competences required.

Throughout all the search project, we keep a steady and direct interaction with our Clients. 

The Research Office of Carter & Benson is completely dedicated to the first phase of the recruiting process: briefing from the Client, definition of the target list of companies on which the analysis can be focused, monitoring and mapping of the market as well as all the activity of the direct search of the candidate in line with the expectations of our Clients.

We carry on detailed and accurate interviews with candidates focusing on the verification of their professional path and evaluating the coherence with corporate values, motivation, aptitudes and potential.

We commit ourselves to supporting our Clients in the definition of the economic and contractual proposal in relation to the general panorama and the hiring process of the chosen candidate by verifying his/her suitability on the field. We also gather references on the manager chosen in order to verify he/she actually matches with the role to be covered.

Carter & Benson is committed to following the integration of the candidate into the Client company new context through keeping an active dialogue with both of them in order to ease the positive overcoming of the first steps of the hiring process.