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Management Assessment

The evaluation of competences in the organizational responsibility roles.

Carter & Benson is able to increase your business competitive advantage offering a deepen evaluation of personal, managerial and leadership skills and potential of your Managers.

We are able to map the management skills and aptitudes of your Managers in order to verify and assess their effective suitability for the role defining career and development paths in coherence with company needs and personal ambitions.

The individual person is at the center of our knowledge and evaluation activity during the Assessment Process  through which it is possible to identify and emphasize one’s own strengths and recognize and face one’s own limits to work on.

Our Assessment model  is not a standardized product, but something that can be shaped on the basis of specific needs:  in fact, our partners combine and propose different assessment tools in order to offer a tailor-made solution for every Client.

Anyway, the final results are made available through extremely simple and short reports, hence easily usable. If needed, our reports can be more detailed deepening the different aspects considered throughout the analysis.