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Mapping and Market Analysis – Business Intelligence

We conduct strategic competitors’ analysis.

In the present fast-moving  marketplace, business companies need to have more and more controlling tools that could contribute to elaborate deepen analysis and decrease risk margins at the same time. The variables that determine organization assets, strategic choices of business development and collaborators are more and more manifold and complex.

In this scenario, Carter & Benson can support its Clients conducting surveys and analysis on markets, industries, corporate structures, control of track records of candidates involved in the selection processes.

These deepen analysis is intended to support the Client Company management in order to accurately  orient the choice of potential candidates and outline an overall reference portrait about the trends of a specific operational sector.

Carter & Benson can support its Clients proposing a series of mapping services aiming to explore and analyze sectors and/or organizational systems of Clients’ competitors basing on specific interests:

We carry out accurate analysis regarding the organizational structures of competitors or specific departments/functions of your interest (such as Commercial Directions, Purchase Offices, R&D Structures etc…). Moreover, we can deepen the analysis appraising the seniority, expertise and competences of each position in order to understand how decisional processes are organized and which impacts they can have on the company processes and results.

We are able to deepen and understand the Compensation & Rewarding systems of companies belonging to the same sector or that represent a benchmark in relation to your positioning on the market in order to elaborate new development, retention, employer branding strategies etc.

We organize and guarantee a huge pipeline of potential candidates which is fostered and updated on a regular basis supported by reports on every specific corporate function (Commercial, Technical, High Potential).

The above-mentioned activities develop and articulate into an exhaustive Consulting Project which is tailor-made and customized together with and for every Client. Therefore, we carry on a careful preliminary analysis of the needs and output expected by the Client in order to calibrate our intervention in a precise and functional way in terms of methodology, timing and budget.