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Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We offer tailor-made and competitive solutions to business companies

Carter & Benson offers customized solutions of Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), intended as the outsourcing of HR recruitment and selection processes, supporting its Clients in specific activities and projects.

The flexibility of our services translates into the creation of specific task-forces or the direct presence of our consultants in the Client’s offices on a temporary basis, usually calculated in some days, weeks and/or months.

The seniority level of our consultants, who will work closely with our Clients, will be defined and agreed time by time in relation to the specific activity to be carried out.

We can support our Clients in all or just in some phases of the RPO activity:

  • Definition of the job description to outline hard and soft skills of the candidate (Requisition)
  • Sector analysis and identification of the best channels to find and attract candidates (Sourcing)
  • Analysis of candidates’ competences, interest, motivation, availability and expectations (Screening)
  • Evaluation of every single candidate’s level of preparation and effective potential (Assessment)
  • Presentation of a short list of candidates followed by the selection made by the client company (Presentation and Selection)
  • Final phase of siding the candidate and the Client company in the working hiring process (Offer and Hiring)

The outsourcing activity allows business companies to reduce the costs of the research and selection process increasing, at the same time, efficiency and efficacy of services.

In  particular, the advantages for companies translate into:

  • Process enhancement
  • Reductions in costs and time of hiring processes
  • A wider and more engaged network of potential candidates
  • Enhanced Employer Branding and Corporate Reputation
  • Closer alignment between talent and business strategy