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Reference check

The importance of verifying professional references.

In order to ensure transparency and coherence with the assessment process of a manager in the final phase respecting deontological rules, Carter & Benson is committed to carrying out intelligence activity about the professional biography of the manager to be recruited basing on the consolidated sector expertise of its team members.

The Reference Check process, defined and structured in advance with the Client company in a target-oriented way, can cover a wide range of information: precise compensation and administrative data, truthfulness of working paths, dates and professional choices reported by the candidate, reliability of statements concerning his/her company or career changes.

Our professional team is able to support its Clients at its best in verifying, through legally obtained and recognized sources, the professional and personal references of a specific resource and producing an output which is unequivocally neutral as independent and impartial third part.

On the basis of the information communicated by the Manager, Carter & Benson is able to certificate the true correspondence with the professional path reported and the consequent suitability for the position searched.

All the information are gathered in a strictly confidential, structured and objective way through specific tools and methodologies and are primarily based on the personal and professional path told directly by the candidate, thus on a process which is subjective by definition. Our goal is to make this subjective information objective, examining the candidate’s track record, verifying the references in order to identify the structure of his/her personality, professional and management skills and effective suitability for the role to be covered within the Client company, primarily benefiting from our deepened knowledge of the market.