Digital Transformation is a new approach to work, which implies that people must step outside their comfort zone and open to the development of new skills. When a company decides to start a Digital Transformation path, it must introduce and/or develop a set of competences, which are different from the traditional ones, in order to satisfy the technological change needs. The introduction of technologies allows the company to evolve both in the approach towards the client and inner processes. All this generates a significant impact that leads to the efficiency of internal flows, contributes to redesign the service offered, or event, to guarantee a new kind of experience to the final client etc. In short, the digital transformation can concern many traditional contexts, innovating or improving them, as well as import new approaches to business development.

Another important aspect is the reasoning behind this choice. Starting a Digital development project without having clear objectives and/or without having a real commitment towards them, can bring to a failure not only of the innovation project, but also of the company itself. Therefore, it is vital to define the macro-areas of intervention, necessary to provide a mission to the people involved and act immediately on the structure. From one side, it is essential to invest in training the resources present within the company but it is equally essential to integrate skillful professionals of new technologies who can play the role of “promoters” of the digital transformation. From the other side, it is important for the company to introduce technologies in support of the Digital development. Any initiative needs to make use of tailor-made tools that can ease the transformation. From this point of view, it is necessary to invest in IT roles and structure up with the times and aligned to the company needs.

The Digital Transformation implies a careful assessment of resources, competences and potentialities to carry on an effective evolving process, where persons and their skills obviously cover a key role with respect to the success or failure of the process itself. Our experience and advice can support you in this digital challenge.


Our mission is to accelerate start-ups supporting them on an organizational aspect, defining the best strategies both in terms of talent acquisition and for the business structure and its evolution.

Our consultants will help you in the definition of short, medium and long-term objectives and, thanks to the important network developed during the years, will be able to act as facilitators in the creation of useful links to the business such as institutional players, investment funds, business angels and more.

Thanks to our assessment services, we will be able to support you through different steps to monitor the competences of your resources and their development, conceiving high-level and well-rounded professional growth plans.

Finally, for those who feel the need, we can activate mentoring and coaching paths, to structure strong managerial profiles able to lead the business growth.

The acceleration strategies, based on the as-is analysis in addition to the comprehension of the market context, are studied in a synergic manner between the specific start-up and our Team of consultants in order to be shared, understood, analyzed and structured with a tailor-made approach for each specific project.