In the present economic context, the search of new leaders is a very complex and delicate assignment above all if considered from a viewpoint of long-term success achievement.

That’s why, we established a solid partnership with an outside reliable and competent advisor such as the IMD international network where all the Partners are active on a local level as independent corporate entities, but with a global overall vision.

Founded in1972, IMD International Search Group is a leading Internarnational global search organization with consultants and offices in America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Being part of such a widespread network allows us to satisfy the different search requests of Top Managers made by international companies, guaranteeingan immediate access to a world-class executive talent pool operating in the global economy. This also means working according to the highest ethical and qualitative standards of IMD: honesty and integrity; quality and expertise; innovative, fast and flexible business approach; team working and know-how sharing.


  • Local Control – Global Solutions
  • Direct Involvement with Country Experts
  • Deep Expertise in Pan Global Search
  • No Language or Cultural Barriers
  • True Access to Global Database

IMD operates with a matrix structure and is organized by geographical and industry specialization, managing more than 2.000 Top Managers searches for Clients worldwide each year