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Digital Transformation

Change your future today
How simplifying, redesigning and improving processes

Thanks to a deepen knowledge of the most recent technological solutions, trends and innovations, the team of specialized consultants that operate within our Digital Unit can support your company in redesigning and improving your business, on-boarding and development processes as well as efficiency in the HR management.

The new trends include Digital Disruption, Lean Product Management, User Experience and Design Thinking, Data Analysis, Growth Hacking, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Talking about Digital Evolution, i.e. the technological issues that enable the Digital Transformation and the disruption in a business environment, the six pillars are:

The progressive work automation brought to speed, efficiency and reduction of mistakes.

The hardware and software evolution introduced and upgraded a new intelligence in the process management.

The dematerialization led to the vicious circle of information, unveiling new logics of integration and sharing among workers.

Thanks to a new generation software programming, the physical resources change to logical resources managed by one centralized dashboard.

Shifting the Hardware and Software on the web through new use and provision models, ushered the new era of As a Service, Pay Per Use and On-Demand.

The mobile devices improve the individual productivity leading to greater availability and flexibility in the working world.

We support companies in the Digital Transformation processes, and in particular we collaborated with innovative Start-ups concluding successfully many Start-up Advisory projects.

We support companies especially in:

  • Comprehension of their positioning in relation to the currant scenario and identification of possible gaps compared to their own competitors.
  • Design (or re-design) of organizational processes, necessary to achieve an adequate level of “digital” competences.
  • Support in the selection of professionals with ad hoc expertise and competences.
  • Development and proposition of innovative, tailor-made and efficient solutions.

Thanks to a specific training and the competences acquired with the Executive MasterLab in Digital Innovation of H-Farm, Carter & Benson puts at your disposal a team of consultants specialized in the Digital area, ready to support you in the research and selection of managers and professionals in the following sectors: information architecture, infrastructures, data processing, design, development, systems, consulting, administration and management in the technological and digital area.

In particular our team focuses on the selection of the following profiles: