London: IMD International Search Group’s Annual Global Meeting 2024

IMD International Search Group's Annual Global Meeting 2024

The IMD International Search Group’s Annual Global Meeting 2024 concluded successfully. Business, friendship, and great lessons emerged from sharing our capabilities globally.

The international meeting of the IMD International Search Group took place in London from May 15th to 18th, representing, as always, a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, developing new strategies, and sharing experiences of individual members in each of their countries. This network enhances the ability to meet clients’ needs globally by combining it with a strong and specific knowledge of each market in which its members operate.

The IMD International Search Group meeting focused on several crucial topics for the future of executive search. Among these were innovation in search and selection processes, the growing importance of diversity and inclusivity in corporate leadership, the centrality of sustainability issues, and strategies to tackle the challenges of the global labour market. These topics were addressed through workshops, plenary sessions, and networking meetings. Sharing experiences from different countries enriched the discussions, allowing for the exchange of diverse perspectives and the strengthening of transnational collaborations.

One of the meeting’s highlights was the strong emphasis on the importance of adopting innovative technologies in executive search. The digitalization of search and selection processes was identified as a key factor in improving efficiency and precision in meeting clients’ needs. Additionally, new approaches to valuing and integrating soft skills in corporate leadership were explored. With the foundations laid during this meeting, the sector is well-positioned to face future challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.