Completed the restructuring of La Fanciullezza’s gym thanks to Carter & Benson and OVS!

la fanciullezza

The project for the renewal of La Fanciullezza’s gym ( was concluded successfully and above all rapidly in November 2019, thanks to the choice of William Griffini, CEO of Carter & Benson, to donate to the Onlus the whole sum deriving from his participation to the OVS campaign.

As a result, children and teenagers guests of La Fanciullezza will have at their disposal a suitable place to play and practice sport.
Fully achieved also the other solidarity objective of the participation of William Griffini to the OVS campaign: warm up children with love. In fact, the younger guests of the Association received from OVS – and will go on receiving on a regular basis – new clothes among which shoes, socks, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, pullovers, jackets, hats, scarf etc…

Help us to support La Fanciullezza: a small gesture can make a big difference!