Health comes first

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organization 1948).

This is the assumption that has always been leading Carter & Benson in the choices that concern welfare.
In fact, the attention to the psychophysical wellbeing of the employees within the company is a much-felt topic, developed through a series of concrete actions wanted by the CEO William Griffini. More time for oneself within the company thanks to the reduction of the weekly working hours with equal pay, more freedom thanks to the smart working, a better health through encouraging a proper diet, better physical conditions thanks to the time dedicated to sports, remunerated as well. Moreover, today, in the time of Coronavirus, a healthy and safe working environment for everybody. From the choice to regularly sanitize the offices with the ozone gas to the one of painting the walls with Airlite, an innovative paint able to eliminate dirt in the air, depurating it at 88,8% in comparison with the pollution present and eliminating 99,9% of bacteria and viruses. All this in order to be prepared for the recovery that everybody wishes will be as sooner as possible, but in absolute safety.

Among the technological innovations under the spotlight of Carter & Benson, a test kit to make the analysis of environmental contamination by Covid-19. A product that seems to be definitely interesting and helpful to ensure safety within companies. This solution was created thanks to the research and development of Hyris, an Italian company already well known for having created bCUBE, a portable platform for DNA analysis that has gained positive comments by prestigious professors of two very important American universities: Johns Hopkins University and NHP Research Alliance, University of Guelph.

This kit, as reported by Hyris, was realized in accordance with the directives of the World Health Organization for the tests on Covid-19, the same used by the diagnostic centers.
Ultimately, the product, which is portable and easy to use (you just need a smartphone or a tablet) allows, in one hour, to identify the infected areas in a closed environment, that can represent a potential danger, if touched with hands.
Maybe, a good news to make us feel more comfortable when we reclaim our daily professional life.

Cover picture: credits freepik