At Carter & Benson, work is smart & fair

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Carter & Benson is the first consultancy company in Italy that promotes a smart & fair way of working. A precise choice of the CEO, William Griffini who firmly states “Each individual is unique with his skills, experiences, aspirations, entrepreneurship and can be fundamental in building a better company, but must be encouraged. Feeling free to express yourself is essential to stimulate everyone’s creativity, curiosity, resourcefulness. But to do this you have to break the mold, increase trust and change hierarchical rules. I think what matters and can really make a difference in achieving corporate goals is not the time spent at the desk, but the commitment, initiative, creativity, well-being and satisfaction of the person. ”

From January 2020, all Carter & Benson employees will be able to enjoy half a free day per week as a paid leave: four hours at their complete disposal – for the same salary, benefits, MBO -, which can be used at one’s discretion and can also be enjoyed fractionally in the span of the week.

The intent is to reduce stress and encourage employees to increase awareness, inviting them to organize their time independently, respecting deadlines and commitments, urging them to creativity and to share work with their respective teams and empowering them with respect to achieving the objectives. The expectation is that the hours worked will be of real quality and that the psycho-physical health, happiness and motivation of the whole team will improve.

“I am convinced that the element with which we are most hungry today is time” says William Griffini, “a unique and precious resource that must be lived with the highest quality. A lifestyle that allows more time, freedom and autonomy for the individual, creates a very interesting response. “And continues” I believe that we can offer our employees something better than money: I am talking about well-being and time. Companies are made up of people and the more initiatives aimed at their well-being are implemented, the more they will express the best even at work, with an excellent impact on company performance and growth. But not only that, this increases personal satisfaction and happiness with an extremely positive social impact. ”

The project, in an experimental phase, will be re-evaluated in October 2020, and if the outcome is positive, as William Griffini is said to be convinced, from 2021 the company will increase the paid leave for a full day per week.

This new project fits into the wake of Carter & Benson’s welfare initiatives.

Convinced that sport and a healthy life are necessary for the well-being of the person, William Griffini, for some years, has also activated other initiatives that, together with this new project, go to form the welfare package.

C&B Salute & Benesseresi explicit in two hours of paid leave per week (for all employees) to practice sport, in addition to the possibility of having free of charge, at any time of the day, drinks and healthy food. A way to sensitize people to better care for themselves. A well-being that can only fall on the quality of work and the harmony of the working environment itself.

Also in this direction is smart working with the possibility for internal figures who have the role of consultants to work in total flexibility. This was possible thanks to a process of team growth that allowed the acquisition of greater autonomy, responsibility and awareness through a real sharing of objectives and total respect of times, business needs, colleagues and customers.

The undoubted innovative approach of the Carter & Benson proposals reflects the vision with which William Griffini has always looked at his company by pursuing a work-life balance and welfare model, and at the same time promoting a cultural change by all the actors that make it up. . A path that began way back in 2008, when with the help of technology it created the conditions for connecting remotely to the company server with your PC and subsequently with the introduction of the Private Cloud which made staff access even more versatile with Virtualized Desktop and connection from any device (PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet) from anywhere in the world with broadband.

A path that is not easy but certainly very stimulating for everyone, where the concept of leadership changes, responsibility, collaboration and sharing are strengthened, creativity and initiative are encouraged.