PRESS RELEASE – Carter & Benson: promise kept. Since January 2021, short working week at the same salary.

This experiment started in January 2020 when William Griffini, CEO of Carter & Benson, introduced the reduction of four working hours a week at the same salary with the promise that if the test had proved to be positive during the year, the working week would have been brought at 4 days in January 2021.

Also in pre-Covid times, in Carter & Benson there was a strong focus on personal wellbeing. The adoption of smart-working for a better work-life balance, two (free) hours a week to make sports…In short, a careful attention on company welfare and social responsibility issues that for the employees mean feeling more involved in the achievement of company objectives and at the same time having more time for themselves and being able to organize their own everyday (working) life respecting deadlines in agreement with the team’s and clients’ needs.

In this context, the concept of leadership itself necessarily changes and evolves towards a model where trust, collaboration and responsibility become the main assets around which the organization grows under wellbeing and quality terms. An organization based on trust and not on control!