Management by Culture

In the present historical and social changing scenario, where personal needs are different from the past, company must be necessarily based on wellbeing and cultural renewal. Simona Cremascoli, Partner of Carter & Benson, and Roberta Gandini (Corporate Coaching) are firmly convinced about that. Managing an organization means improving communication, participation and involving each member of the team allowing everyone to express at his/her best in a dynamic environment.

Sustainable performances, social growth and innovation, the main goals. But, the true challenge is passing from a management by objective to a management by culture model.

We mentioned above our focus on reinforcing our present company services. What we do with our interventions of Corporate Coaching is exactly aiming at a social and industrial renewal by training business cultures where people can move and work inspired by a principle of freedom and creativity without complying with standardized roles and procedures. We offer to our clients the chance to change power and control over the organization into experimentation and autonomy.

We have been always focusing on persons and relations among them and now it is true more than ever that… this is the right direction to express at the best and train talent!

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cover photo: credits freepik