PRESS RELEASE – Since October 2021, Carter & Benson has become Benefit Corporation

Social responsibility and giving back are the values we believe in and perfectly embrace our way of doing business since the very beginning. Nevertheless, today we would like to do more reinforcing the meaning of our engagement towards a sustainable, ethical, equal and responsible business model.

In October 2021, in fact, we changed the articles of association adding the statement Benefit Corporation* to our business purpose.

“Adding Benefit Corporation to the articles of association is the natural consequence of a path that we started years ago and perfectly embraces our way of doing business. It is the confirmation of our tangible engagement for a more sustainable, ethical, fair and responsible development where business is not based only on profit but on a strategy oriented to the common good that I can sum up in just one word: GIVING BACK” – states William Griffini, CEO of Carter & Benson.

Time rediscovered for affections and passions, individual wellbeing and development, work-life balance, shared growth, positive impact on territory and respect for eco-system are the drivers that move our business strategy. A strategy that includes in the business process a social and environmental dimension as well with the objective to generate value in a long-term perspective.

What is a Benefit Corporation?

A Benefit Corporation is a company which, in the exercise of an economic activity, in addition to the purpose of dividing its profits, pursues one or more purposes of common benefit and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and environment, cultural and social goods and activities, cultural entities and associations and other stakeholders.

Introduced in Italy with the Law no. 208 of December 28, 2015 (sub-paragraphs 376-383 and attachments 4-5) and entered into force in January 2016, on inspiration of the US Benefit Corporations, that recognized them as an exceptional tool to implement the stakeholder governance and ready to face the challenges of the new millennium”.