START-UP ADVISORY: customization and flexibility, the key elements of our consulting approach

With new opportunities and innovation, in the present socio-economic context, start-ups represent an important development resource for our country. A new economy based on the digital factor and on evolved and dynamic business.

William Griffini, CEO of Carter & Benson “Our start-up advisory service to assist these companies, a result of digital transformation, is extremely agile and innovative. The high level of preparation of our consultants, who have achieved a master in Digital Transformation, is vital for the purpose of the efficacy of our intervention.

The result is an extremely customized consulting approach with a high-level of contents in terms of know-how. We usually examine the Client’s brief, but above all, we deeply analyze the requirements in order to evaluate the proper organizational model and give an efficient support in the HR management or in the team construction, underlining any potential critical or risky situation, that deserves to be carefully analyzed. A particular issue concerns also the managerial skills that must be often redefined or remodeled following the need of each single context. A total, synergic and flexible support, able to find the best formulas to help companies to start their business, grow and achieve the targets set. All this allowed us to conclude, during the years, lots of start-up advisory projects, with the full satisfaction of Clients”.

Giovanni Carbone, Partner of Carter & Benson “Every start-up is a history aside; we need to identify what is best for that specific situation. These new companies need to understand how they can give birth to a team that works well, how to keep it cohesive and how they can grow in an organic and structured way. They confront themselves a lot with us about these issues. Therefore, our goal is to shape an idea of organization that is coherent with the medium-long term business, keeping it anchored to reality, valorizing at the same time enthusiasm, dreams and expectations.

From the other side, we help managers and entrepreneurs to have a different approach to take the right measures. These processes require time to achieve the best condition and it is important that organizations are aware about it. You cannot reach the desired results without creating all the premises! In the run for success, it is vital that companies, even if eased by a context that sees in technology a big element of acceleration, understand that there must be greater balance between the push that must have the action to support the project and the expectation to see it grow”.