Hard skill or soft skill? Both!

The HR selection process is very complex. There is an organization, a context, a history behind, there are habits, strategic and operational objectives, there is a team and its energy, and there are technical competences, transversal skills, expectations and performances. It is exactly on soft skills that it is important to concentrate to choose the right candidate. The identification of transversal skills implies a more detailed and deepen analysis. The style of working of the individual, his/her determination, responsibility, ability to communicate and relate/integrate with others and interpret the business culture, are the aspects that can heavily affect the performances of the team that he/she will coordinate making the difference.

We have been always dealing with headhunting and we are aware about the key importance of soft skills”, says William Griffini, CEO of Carter & Benson. “Sometimes, it happens that companies choose their own collaborators for their hard skills and dismiss them for soft skills. For us, it is vital to select the person and his/her way to intend work depending on his/her own sense of responsibility, expectations, the background of the company he/she is going to enter, not only evaluating his/her know-how. A principle that we apply carefully to all our headhunting activities”.

“It may seem a simple concept, but indeed it is not absolutely ordinary.” Affirms Simona Cremascoli, Partner of Carter & Benson.

The first thing we do when we collaborate with an organization for the search of a candidate is knowing and interpreting properly the corporate culture in order to connect with it and propose those figures that can better fit the organization and consequently express their ability and potential at best. This approach has become our style, the reason for which our clients choose us and thanks to which we succeed in having a high level of trust and retention.

In this precise economic moment, where the labor market is deeply changing its paradigms, human resources cover a key role in the process of creating value for the organization and the objective is to develop them so that they become social capital. That’s why during the evaluation process of a candidate, it is necessary to focus on the balance between technical and transversal skills to identify those managers who, a part from their expertise and leadership, are able to tune in perfectly getting strong motivation and sense of belonging. Aspects that are furtherly developed and deepened through our assessment process”.